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apricot blossomOur fruit and where to find it

We have 6 acres of grapes and 14 acres of peaches and apples. We grafted 150 Gala apple trees to Honey Crisps four years ago, and expect to harvest that variety this year!

During the months of August through October, we have peaches, apples, and table grapes for sale from the farm. Stop by on the weekend for when we are open to the public for wine tastings, and stock up on fresh organic fruit — have we mentioned our peach wine?

Pinot Gris in Meadowlark VineyardVineyards

Our Babydoll Southdowns graze in the vineyards as well as the orchards for part of the season. This helps keep the land fertile and alleyways trimmed.

The work in the vineyard starts with pruning in the spring, such a wonderful time to be outdoors!

In the fall we invite volunteers to share in the Glory Work, picking grapes and celebrating the grape harvest with a fabulous dinner and of course, the farm wines.

Celebrating grape harvest in 2012