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Babydolls in AugustNABSSAR registered Babydoll Southdown Sheep

We have a flock of white and black registered Babydoll Southdown sheep. Mesa Winds Farm is a member of NABSSAR. Our sheep graze in the orchards and vineyards as well as the sheep pasture. They are perfect for our farm because they don't girdle the trees, and we can train them not to eat the grapevines.

The breed is currently touted as a hobby or pet sheep, but can be much more than that! For example I have used their wool for quilt batting and the fleeces are used for lining baby cribs and carriages.

We've had lots of fun taking our sheep to the fair, processing their wool to make clothing and quilts, and this year we have washable fleeces! Babydoll wool is exquisitely soft and finely crimped, making it perfect for handspinners to spin or blend with other wool. We love the needle felts that our neighbors at Fire Mountain Fiber make for us.

Nickname for the breed is "easy keepers" and they are that! Docile, patient, hearty and extremely cute, they are easy to handle and manage. The ewes are good moms and easy birthers. They increase the fertility of our farm, keep the alleyways mowed, and provide income, meat and fiber.

2017 Babydoll Southdown available this summer

Call or for more information, a $50 deposit will secure your sheep.

Lamb meat

I recently discovered that the original UK Southdowns are on the UK's Slow Food Forgotten Foods list, which is the UK's version of America's Slow Foods Ark of Taste. These UK Southdown sheep are called Babydoll Southdowns in the US to distinguish them from modern Southdowns. The meat is delicious and referred to as the Angus of Sheep. This year our flock produced only two ram lambs so we have no meat lambs for sale.Ï

Babydolls in August crossing farm bridge